Thursday, October 8, 2009

Group Blog

Stephanie's blog has this cool "Google Game" group blog and I simply could not resist.
You're supposed to google images of the following things:

1. Your Favorite beverage:

2. Your hometown

San Francisco, a small colonial town in the Dominican Republic. Now I live here:

3. Your favorite TV show

I am obsessed with True Blood

4. Your Occupation/You are in school for

Political Science.... I hope I don't look like that when I'm old.
5. Your first car

Haven't had a car yet. I live in New York City, we take the metro.

6. Your favorite dish

Delicious sushi. You must eat it.

7. Celebrity you've been told to resemble

Michelle Rodriguez. I don't see it but I think it's because we're from the same country.

8. Celebrity on your "to do" list

Maybe when he's older.

9. Favorite Childhood toy

I loved Max Steel

10. Any Random picture

Lady GaGa at the VMAs wearing something that looks like a nest.


  1. Is THAT who was wearing that thing on her head at the VMAs? I had no idea!

    New York City must be a fun place to live. I've always wondered what life would be like there.

  2. Cherry Fanta is one of my favorite sodas. Well, I like just about any cherry soda.

  3. I'd never make it in NYC. Far too busy! Okay, now I want an orange pop.